Saturday, February 18, 2012


Apparently an honest disagreement and differences of opinion are out of the question when it comes to John Giduck or his supporters. For a man who nearly breaks his arm patting himself on the back for being the defender of truth, justice, and the American way, he has a funny way of showing it.

I have written a number of critiques of Giduck’s writings on the shootings at Virginia Tech. My critiques have been picked up and endorsed by several blogs. Indeed, the readership of my blog has nearly tripled since I posted the Giduck articles. Apparently my words have deeply upset Giduck or his followers.

Rather than challenge my assertions or show where I am wrong, he, or one of his fans, decided to deface my Facebook page by posting a picture of the cover of his book, “Shooter Down,” blocking and covering most of the page. The book cover has now been taken down.

Stop to think of what that action was—at minimum it was harassment, at worst it was a threat because of the title of the book. If Giduck, or his minions, cannot take an honest disagreement and engage in an intellectual dialog about that disagreement, do we really want him consulting about school shootings? When someone comes unglued because his or her ideas are challenged, it is very disturbing.

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Vagabond Waze said...

This fits with his M.O.- first deflect, then counterattack. It looks more and more like the whole business model amounts to a personality cult centered around the infallibility of Mr Giduck. I have been following this issue for the past month or so- he appears desperate at this point. This may be because googling John Giduck these days pulls up a number of websites that are likely to give one pause on hiring Mr Giduck if you are thinking about getting an anti-terrorism expert to come speak to your organization. The pattern has always been the same- First feign outrage, then counter attack- preferably by painting those you are disagreeing with as the enemy of all that is decent and holy. John Giduck being the stalwart defender of all the realm. Despite never having been a law enforcement officer. Despite his only having served for a grand total of fifty-something days in the military. Despite his credentials coming from a commercial "adventure camp" for adults that is run by former members of the Russian intelligence community.

The bottom line is that Mr Giduck simply has no relevant credentials to make me view him as anything more than an opportunist. One who will attempt to defend his "brand" through litigation threats and attempts at intimidation but steadfastly refuse to address any actual issues. The straw-men that he constructs to defend his brand are some of the worst and most shallow that I have seen on the internet- to the point that I cannot really conceive the possibility that anyone would actually fall for them- yet they apparently do.

The more that I see written about Mr Giduck the less I believe that he has any business speaking on anything related to terrorism or security. This is the guy that wrote a book suggesting among other things that we should station a 3 man team with a squad automatic weapon in every school. If I am not mistaken he also suggested that these teams should be made up of former SEALs. Just ponder the logistics of that for a moment. My only real question is whether Mr Giduck actually believes in his own legend or is just in this for the money- I see no possibility whatsoever that he is providing any service of value. His dealings with law-enforcement agencies really need to be put under the microscope. I would be very irate if I found that my local agency had spent any money for any type of training or lecture from Mr Giduck.