Saturday, April 16, 2016


Today, April 16, 2016, is the ninth anniversary of the Virginia Tech rampage. Despite the warning signs 32 people were killed, and another 17 were wounded on the Blacksburg campus.

It is easy to be angry about those events. What is hard is to move forward, finding solutions and commonality in our quest to be good stewards for the legacy of Ross A. Alameddine, Christopher James Bishop, Brian R. Bluhm, Ryan Christopher Clark, Austin Michelle Cloyd, Jocelyne Couture-Nowak, Kevin Pl Granata, Matthew Gregory Gwaltney, Caitlin Millar Hammaren, Jeremy Michael Herbstritt, Rachel Elizabeth Hll, Emily Jane Hilscher, Jarett Lee Lane, Matthew Joseph La Porte, Henry J. Lee, Liviu Librescu, G.V. Loganathan, Partahi Mamora Halomoan Lumbantoruan, Lauren Ashley McCain, Daniel Patrick O'Neil, Juan Ramon Ortiz-Ortiz, Minal Hiralal Panchal, Daniel Alejandro Perez Cueva, Erin Nicole Peterson, Michael Steven Pohle, Jr., Julia Kathleen Pryde, Mary Karen Read, Reema Joseph Samaha, Waleed Mohamed Shaalan, Leslie Geraldine Sherman, Maxine Shelly Turner, Nicole Regina White.

How will they be remembered on the next anniversary, or the one thereafter? As shining lights for what has passed, or as light keepers who guided our way to positive approaches to help insure the safety of our children?

That isn’t up to them.

It is up to us.

Sunday, April 3, 2016


Kilmarnock, Virginia has taken a step forward in controlling the reckless use of firearms. I am impressed that the political leaders of a small Virginia town have made this move. Here is the letter I wrote to the local newspaper applauding the action.

Rappahannock Record
Kilmarnock, Virginia


Congratulations to the Kilmarnock Town Council for unanimously passing an amended ordinance making the discharge of a gun, rifle, pistol, or other firearm a Class 1 misdemeanor.

We can all work together (as you have demonstrated) at the local level to accomplish what is best for our communities. Most of us are well aware the stalemate in Washington has not benefited any of us when it comes to ending the gun violence carnage.

As a victim’s rights advocate, I have seen the devastation families have suffered when common sense is not applied.

We now have a common sense firearms law in Kilmarnock.

Thank you Kilmarnock Town Council. I am sorry I do not live in the town limits so I could vote for all the incumbents running for office.