Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Rappahannock Record
Kilmarnock, Virginia


Margaret Ransone does not deserve to be reelected to the House of Delegates. She has been missing in action and incommunicative with her constituents. A case in point has been my research on school shootings here in Virginia. The safety of our schools should be nonpartisan—an issue that brings Republicans, Democrats and Tea Party members together. But unlike Senators Warner, then- Senator Webb and Congressman Rob Wittman, Margaret Ransone refuses to respond to the simplest inquiries on that topic. She cannot deny she didn’t receive the inquiries, I sent them certified mail and have the receipts.

Her silence speaks volumes about her indifference on this critical issue to all Virginians—the state is the site of two of the worst school shootings in this nation’s history. Her silence stands in marked contrast to her predecessor, Albert Pollard. I therefore am asking all voters who are concerned and interested in making our schools and colleges safer to write in Albert Pollard on November 5th.

David Cariens
Kilmarnock, Va. 22482

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