Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I am in touch with someone from the ACLU as I prepare to file a formal complaint in connection with the Virginia Supreme Court's Action in overturning the jury verdict in Pryde/Peterson suit against Virginia Tech. I will not be filing the complaint with the Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission until after the first of the year. I still have several volumes of records to go through (I received from the Attorney General's Office), but it is now almost certain that either the ex-Attorney General or Justice Cleo Powell did not tell (or write) the truth (a lie?). It is against the law to present false information to a court of law and it is against the law for a Supreme Court Justice to interject his or her own incorrect facts in a decision.

I have next no hope anything will happen. The old girl/boy network will kick in to protect one of their own. The person at the ACLU with whom I talked is a friend of Justice Powell. It will be interesting to watch her ethics and objectivity in practice. I am going to give it a try and will go forward with or without the support of the ACLU.

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