Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Call the "Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission" 804-786-6636

A fitting way to mark the 8th Anniversary of the Virginia Tech shooting rampage would be to call the Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission and ask for an investigation into how a major factual error (incorrectly naming the Blacksburg Police Department as heading the investigation on April 16, 2007) got into the Virginia Supreme Court decision to throw out the jury verdict in the Pryde and Peterson lawsuit. Someone had to intentionally introduce the error into the the Court's findings because five times in the trial, and under oath, it was asserted that Virginia Tech Police Chief Wendell Flinchum was in charge of the investigation. Chief Flinchum himself testified to that fact. No where in the court transcript does it say Blacksburg Police Chief Kim Crannis was in charge.

 It is against the law to introduce false facts or evidence in a court of law. The Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission has the authority to investigate any violation of the law.  The number for the Commission is (804) 786-6636.

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