Tuesday, October 27, 2015


            The November-December 2015 issue of Mother Jones has a lengthy article analyzing school shootings. The magazine article contains some interesting and valuable investigative journalism. Perhaps the most disturbing is the copycat effect of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold’s rampage in the section entitled The Columbine Effect. Here are some of the statistics:

There are 72 known Columbine copycat cases; 51 were thwarted, but 21 resulted in attacks.

       The overall death toll in the 51 attacks was 89; the number wounded was 126; 9 shooters committed suicide.

 Males made up 94% of the plotters.

        The average age of the killers or would-be killers was 17.

        In 12 of the cases, the plotters goal was to surpass the Columbine body count.

 Fourteen of the attacks were planned for the anniversary of Columbine.

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