Tuesday, December 25, 2018



Following the Parkland school shooting that left 17 dead, David Hogg, a Parkland student, became a spokesperson for the anti-gun violence movement. He helped found Never Again MSD, an organization that advocates sensible gun regulations. He was instrumental in organizing March For Our Lives that drew nearly 800,000 to Washington, D.C.

Hogg’s activity has made him the target of the lunatic, right wing fringe. He has been called all sorts of names, mocked, and ridiculed.

The most disgusting abuse of the airwaves came from Fox News host, Laura Ingraham. And, I use the word “news” in the loosest definition because Ingraham is anything but a news commentator. She is a purveyor of hate and NRA-inspired propaganda.

When David Hogg publicly revealed his applications to several California universities were turned down, Ingraham turned to twitter. She tweeted a story from a conservative news site describing him as a “Guns Rights Provocateur” and accused Hogg of whining.

The fact that a nationally known media host would ridicule an 18-year-old high school boy is stupid and arrogant, revealing Ingraham’s dark soul. Just about when you think the fanatical guns rights people have sunk as far as they can go, along comes Laura Ingraham who used her position to disparage a high school student who lost fellow students and friends in a mass shooting.

Now, David Hogg has been accepted by Harvard and will enter next fall majoring in Political Science. Any comment, Laura Ingraham?

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