Sunday, May 22, 2016


Mother Jones’ article Fully Loaded includes some interesting statistics on gun sales in the U.S. Here are the gun sales for the top ten gun makers in 2014:

1.  Sturm Ruger                            1,640,000 guns
2.  Smith & Wesson             1,310,000 guns
3.  Remington Outdoor                   939,000 guns
4.  Glock                                         794,000 guns
5.  Sig Sauer                                   678,000 guns
6.  O.F. Mossberg & Sons      658,000 guns
7.  Savage                                       639,000 guns
8.  Springfield Armory                   576,000 guns
9.  Beretta                                       463,000 guns
10. Taurus International                 365,000 guns
                                                    8,062,000 guns

The top ten list of gun makers does not include other manufactures such as Keystone Sporting Arms, Barrett Firearms, Kahr Arms, Norinco,  and Hi-Point Firearms.

If we just look at the 8 million guns per year figure, it means it would take the top ten just four years to produce 32 millions guns and eight years to manufacture 64 millions guns—or one gun for every two American adults.

Is it any wonder that gun manufactures fight to prevent any regulation on access to guns? They want to expand profits; they want to keep sales up, making it easy for domestic abusers, felons, terrorists, and anyone who is a danger to himself/herself or others to get a gun.

Gun manufacturers appear willing to line their pockets and pursue extravagant life styles for themselves and others no matter what the cost in human lives—just keep making more guns and making more money.  (To be continued)

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