Friday, May 6, 2016


I will be interviewed on Monday, May 9th, at 0835 on the Neal Steele radio show--99.1 FM Gloucester, Va. Neal will be interviewing me about my new book, "The America We All Want." The book examines steps we can all take to help prevent gun violence. The book is scheduled to be published in mid-May.

About the Book

Mass slaughter on school grounds, in theaters, in churches, and in shopping malls may be the most serious and complex problem in this nation’s history. Solving the problem will take careful and deliberate thought, but thinking is hard work and there are no easy solutions. Those few who do propose ways to reduce the epidemic of gun violence are met with a fusillade of emotions on why their ideas won’t work.
Retired CIA analyst Dave Cariens gives the reader hands-on suggestions and strategies to curb gun violence. He presents evidence showing where practical application of these strategies has worked in communities all over the country.

Recognizing the stalemate in Washington, this is a guide to action at the local level. 

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