Wednesday, January 4, 2017


On the morning of 16 January 2002, Angie Dales mother, Sue, woke up with a feeling of dread. For reasons she cannot explain to this day, she didn’t want to get dressed, she didn’t want to go to work; she just cried and cried. Nothing was wrong that she knew of, she simply had the same ominous feeling she had had the day her brother died.

Angie always brought Rebecca to her parents to wait for the school bus. The two would play in the front lawn until the bus arrived; then Angie would go home to get ready for her law classes. Sue normally would be preparing to go to work, but that morning she simply sat at the kitchen table holding her head.

Angie was surprised to see her mother in such a state and asked her what was wrong. Sue didn’t know, all she felt was a terrible foreboding. Angie tried to cheer her mother up and then went outside to be with Rebecca until the bus came. Through the windows Sue could see Angie and Rebecca playing. The two laughed and teased each other. Normally their happiness and laughter were infectious, but not this morning—she could not break out of the blackness that engulfed her.

Once the bus came, Angie came back into the house and asked again what was wrong, “Do you want me to start your car?” Sue thanked her saying no, she would do it herself. Angie turned went outside and drove home to prepare for the day’s classes at law school.

Sue owned a restaurant in Oakwood and, shortly after Angie left, she headed for work. Something was wrong—all morning she couldn’t keep her mind off Angie. She couldn’t concentrate on work so she decided to go to Angie’s house, clean it and make dinner--a surprise. Angie did not like to cook, so Sue frequently “surprised” her by having the evening meal ready. With dinner ready and waiting, Angie could spend the evening playing with Rebecca and studying.

The phone rang while Sue was on Angie’s porch. By the time she got inside she could hear the last few words of her sister-in-law on the answering machine. She was too late, but she could tell by the tone of her sister-in-law’s voice that something was wrong. A chill went through her.

Phoning the restaurant back, her sister-in-law said, “Sue, something bad has happened.” Sue’s first thought was that Danny, Angie’s father had been in an accident—but no, it wasn’t that. It was her granddaughter Rebecca? Had she been hurt at school? No, not that either. It was Angie and Sue needed to get to the hospital right away. (To Be Continued)

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