Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Want to know why then-Attorney General Kilgore would not help the family of murdered student at the Appalachian School of Law?  Well look at it this way:

If I were the Attorney General and wanted to run for governor of Virginia, I might look for every way possible to avoid an investigation that would embarrass Virginia officials. If I were the Attorney General and part of my political power base is southwest Virginia, would I really want to alienate the power structure that helped me get where I am today and will play a role in my bid for governor? Then-Virginia Attorney General Kilgore’s family members are high rollers in the Republican Party, and he is tied directly to Grundy. His twin brother, Terry Kilgore, was named dean of Grundy’s University of Appalachia’s new College of Pharmacy in April 2006. The same power structure that established the Appalachian School of Law is behind the new College of Pharmacy.

Indeed, the Kilgores are such a powerful family that Richmond Times-Dispatch reporter Jeff Schapiro ran an article on them February 11, 2007. Shapiro pointed out that Jerry Kilgore’s mother is the registrar for Scott county and his father, John, runs the local Republican committee. Twin brother Terry is the number three Republican in Virginia’s House of Delegates, and according to Schapiro, has 57 votes in his pocket.

Looking at the power behind Jerry Kilgore’s throne, Schapiro wrote the following:

“These are the repro men, whose lobbyists include Ken Hutcheson, manager of Jerry’s ’05 race against Tim Kaine. They put Terry behind the wheel a bill extending to them the same supposedly rapacious privileges as their tarted-up kin, payday lenders. Their lead lobbyist, by the way, is one of Jerry’s partners, the poker-faced Reggie Jones. Another is Chris Nolen, Jerry’s consigliore in the AG’s office.”

“Like Jerry’s gubernatorial ambitions, the car-title proposal
crashed and burned. It was a rare setback for Terry. But not before he collected $4,500.00 from subprime-market lenders for a 2007 campaign that is likely to be a breeze. This means Terry, who already has raised $107,000, could have extra jack with which to keep friends and make new ones.”

“Terry already has a lot of them. Not all are elected by the people.”

“One is Circuit Judge Teresa Chafin. She is a member of the State Judicial Council, an important advisory group for the black-robed set. Chafin also serves on the Commission on Virginia Courts in the 21stCentury, created by Supreme Court Chief Justice Leroy Hassell to recommend ways to modernize the state judiciary.”

“Chafin sits in the 29th Judicial Circuit, which includes Russell County, where she lives. However, her lawyer-husband, Frank Kilgore, who shares a name with the political clan but not a bloodline, wants to build on the Clinch River in Wise County. (Frank Kilgore is the chairman of the Appalachian School of Law’s Board of Trustees.) That’s in the 30th Judicial Circuit.”

“Problem is, judges are required by law to live in their circuit. Problem solved—almost—by Terry Kilgore.”

“He proposed adding 28 words to the law: ‘However, this residency shall not apply to any sitting judge who resides within the Commonwealth of Virginia upon property that is located contiguous to his respective circuit.”

For Chafin and Frank Kilgore, an ex-Democrat and avid environmentalist who’s given the Brothers Kilgore $25,067, that literally means land hard by the Wise side of the Russell line.”

I asked Frank Kilgore about it, he testily demanded I identify my source. After firing off a couple of e-mails that were little more than screeds, Kilgore finally said he’d ask Terry to introduce the measure.”

“Nine days ago, Terry Kilgore quietly yanked that ol’ bill
bada bing—killing it for the year. He said he worried it would have a disruptive effect statewide.”

“Or did Terry Kilgore fear being found out?”

“After all, he is running a family business.” Terry Kilgore has been a member of the Virginia House of Delegates since 1994. He was there when his brother was Attorney General and when the shootings took place at the law school.

So, now you know a little about the Kilgores, their back-room shenanigans, and their hypocritical and morally repugnant politics. (To be continued)

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