Sunday, June 18, 2017


If you look at the state of our society today—the hateful, sharp divisions; the President signing into law a bill that allows mentally ill people to buy and own guns; and the lack of civil discourse—is anyone really surprised about the tragic shooting of Congressman Stephen Scalise and three others?

We have a President who has given people the green light to beat up reporters (and one congressman tried); a President who calls people who disagree with him liars; and who proposes to restrict people from coming into this country simply based on their religion. He has unleashed hatred in our political arena on scale not seen before.

Right here in the Northern Neck of Virginia, our local newspaper frequently prints letters-to-the-editor by former candidate Catherine Crabill who, nine years ago, when running for the state legislature said, “…if we cannot get it from the ballot box, or the jury box, we will get it from the bullet box.” In other words, in a state that has suffered two horrific school shootings (the Appalachian School of Law January 16, 2002 and Virginia Tech, April 16, 2007), advocates the use of guns to get her way. Her pronouncement forced the Virginia Tech and law school families to publically call for her defeat.

When Supreme Court Antonin Scalia died, Crabill went off the deep end. She speculated Scalia was assassinated so that President Obama could appoint his replacement. She cited the handling of his body at the funeral home and quick embalming as evidence. There are many problems with her argument (besides the fact that it is built on half-truths and innuendos). But, in order to embalm a body the family would have to be involved in the decision. That means Crabill was implying that Mrs. Scalia was involved in the plot to assassinate her husband. You have to ask yourself, just how low will this woman go; how hysterical can she be?

This sickness of hatred does not represent our American values. It threatens physical violence and verbal thrashing on anyone who disagrees with them. These words can entice the mentally ill, unstable, or hotheaded to pick up a gun and shoot someone. This vitriolic name-calling is not heroic and can have serious consequences. (To be continued)

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