Tuesday, March 21, 2017


We are approaching the 10th anniversary of the Virginia Tech rampage. I asked several of the families if they would like to talk about life since that terrible day. Here is the response from Priscilla La Porte, sister of Matthew La Porte:

“All I can think of is how God has been so present for my family and I since Matt's passing. Was it painful and horrible? Yes. It was the most painful, horrible reality of my life. But I just can't focus on that. Not because I wish to shut my eyes to it, but because God's love, mercy, and goodness has overshadowed it and overcome it. I wouldn't be telling the truth if all I shared was the misery that came from Matt's passing. It is not what I am left with. I miss my brother more than I could ever tell you, but I believe I am a better, deeper, kinder person because of 4/16/07. I also believe I am a happier person because of 4/16/07. There is no other way to explain how this is possible than to point to the Cross of Christ.

If what I have shared in this email could offer you anything you are looking for, I would be more than happy to share something. Please let me know if you can offer me any direction.”

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