Sunday, March 26, 2017


Truth is the one thing that the families of the victims of school shootings need more than anything else. They need to know what was their loved one was doing or saying before he or she was gunned down. The families need to know things such as who found my child, where was he or she taken, was anything done to try and save him or her. They need to know every little detail. I am not sure why, but it helps the surviving family members if they are able to reconstruct the last few moments of their loved one’s life.

Truth, however, is rarely what the families get. In the case of Virginia Tech, the dishonesty that the Pohles, Goddards, and Whites encountered would only grow. The recognition of the fact was the defining moment. It was not bad enough that their children had been wounded or killed—they were being lied to. With the power and pocket book of the state of Virginia, school officials and politicians almost immediately embarked on what has to be one of the most expensive and widespread cover ups in academic history. It is this cover up, and how the families fought against it, that I will explore in future posts—beginning with the Governor’s Review Panel Report, known as The Addendum. (To be continued)

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